Beagle is situational awareness software.


What does BEAGLE do?

As a complement to existing systems, it offers substantial improvements with respect to the traditional use of aerial cameras:

  • The map integrates video and vehicle positions, LIVE.
  • Allows you to measure distances on the real video and the map.
  • The map is generated in the servers and is always available online. 
Our products offer an OVERALL VISION that represents an increase in SECURITY in management and SPEED in decision making. 
Project live and accurately
Captura de imagen de Beagle
the video
over the 3D terrain
Places them on the map in real time
Conciencia situacional al proyectar el video del dron posicionado en el mapa con todas las referencias que ofrece el modelo 3D
vehicles with beacons
located in the area


How does BEAGLE work?

  • No payload. It works using the UAV camera and sensors.
  • Connects automatically
  • Directly transmitted from the UAV remote
  • Real-time reception of video and drone position data (coordinates, altitude...)
  • Continuous reception of signals from multisystem beacons on the ground and real-time positioning of the detected media
Características generales del sistema Beagle


How to use it?

We have designed our products with an easy and intuitive USER INTERFACE that allows to:

  • Record
  • Share information
  • Create marks
  • Measure distances and areas
  • Filter detected objects
  • Add more cameras
  • Choose different map types
  • Set up preferences
Coordinación de medios y conciencia situacional en el mapa e Interfaz de Beagle


Beagle versions

Regarding the hours and storage required, we have created these packs that adapt to the different uses you may need from our system.

Below you can find the technical specifications and the compatibilities and integrations already available.

We are continually adding integrations. If you need a specific drone model, contact us.

Tabla de características de los productos Beagle

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Technical Specs

Mando de dron de la marca DJI


The remote can connect via WiFi (4G router, Starlink, ...).

Fotografía de servidores en una sala oscura


Servers can be public (cloud) or private (client datacenter)

ilustración de encriptación de telemetría


Telemetry is sent directly from the drone controller to the servers, protected with SSL encryption.

Agente visualizando dos pantallas de vigilancia con Beagle


Users can connect to Beagle from anywhere and use it from their desktop or from a coordination center

Integrations and compatibilities

These are the models integrated with our system and they connect automatically. If you are interested in integration with a specific model, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Are you interested in our Situational Awareness software?