What is Beagle Labs?

About us

We are a company specialized in video processing. 

We innovate to improve the UAV flight experience. We believe that drones are a key technology in the field of emergencies and security. 

Our company, founded in 2022, is made up of a group of professionals passionate about technology, drones and emergency management. Each of us has a unique experience in software development, product design, AI… 

Why have we developed this solution?

Our objetive

We started by detecting a series of problems in emergency management: 

  1. ORIENTATION DIFFICULTY: Isolated and moving images of the event.

  2. COORDINATION DIFFICULTY: Large number of resources and elements in action.

  3. DIFFICULTY OF CONTEXTUALIZATION: Information that comes from different points.

We started by placing the drone's live video on a map, soon the map was 3D and we quickly realized the potential of being oriented and located at all times. 

With this objective we decided to add a beacon receiver to our product to also be able to place vehicles on the map and thus become a perfect solution for drone operators and emergency management.

The result

Beagle IMPROVES the performance of aerial cameras
(live and recorded)

BEAGLE is a SOFTWARE that integrates several technologies in the same system.

The live video coming from the drone is projected onto a 3D map. It also shows the live position of the media in the area and other custom markers.

All the information available, at a single glance.

  • ORIENTED: Projects the live video received from the camera(s) onto an INTERACTIVE 3D map.

  • COORDINATED: Detects objects and places them on the map in real time.

  • IN CONTEXT: Distances, roads, relief... with measurement tools, markers and recording.

Beagle improves global vision
and situational awareness

Beagle is a complementary system to conventional cameras that provides additional information, overall vision and improves time to action.


Beagle has been selected for the second consecutive year (2023) BFAero, now in the CONSOLIDATION phase. 

Business Factory Aero is an initiative of the Xunta de Galicia that offers infrastructure and support to aerospace projects and unmanned vehicles: 

  • SMEs in the aerospace and unmanned vehicles sector in Galicia that need to systematize and consolidate their business model.
  • Early Stage Projects: projects or companies with a defined product or service and/or first sales, structured business model and incipient scaling.
Grupo de responsables de los proyectos seleccionados por BFAero

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